I have worked with Pat White and her Stringsound musicians for over 20 years. As a wedding coordinator and owner of Aberdeen Manor I have directed well over a thousand weddings, and I can tell you, it makes a difference to have true professionals providing the music for your ceremony! I think the biggest thing that separates Pat’s group from the rest is that they know how to gracefully stop in the middle of a song—key word here being gracefully. Nobody wants to stand there for 3 minutes waiting for the song to end, it’s really awkward! And you also don’t want a group that just kinda stops haphazardly without making it sound right. Stringsound can stop beautifully on a dime. It doesn’t matter where they are in the music! Their repertoire is extensive, and if you don’t know what you want for music, Pat is willing to work with you and help you decide. I always know that when Stringsound is providing the music for one of my weddings that it will go like clockwork. Excellent musicians, and lovely folks to work with as well. You can’t get any better.

   ~Denna Fyock , Aberdeen Manor, Valparaiso