Dear Pat,
As far as I am concerned, your music made the wedding. My father told me when the wedding was over that I had made the right choice regarding the music, and I value his opinion above all others.

If there had been only organ music when Nicole walked down the aisle, it would have been okay, but seeing her walk down the aisle and hearing your trio play Bach’s “Air in G”, well, I almost broke down. That was a truly powerful moment…and I am thrilled that such a moment contained such wonderful music.

I must admit, I was apprehensive having never heard your trio play, but my concerns were laid to rest the moment the first note filled the church. It is easy to find exceptional music to play, but that does not mean it will be played exceptionally well. Not only was your music wonderful, but all of your help prior to the wedding was great, also. Your organization and continuous help really put me at ease, and your website made an otherwise confusing process extremely simple.

Everyone at the ceremony complimented me on my fine choice of music, and while I did choose good pieces, it was your playing of those pieces, the tremendous heart and emotion with which you play, that made the music exceptional. Thank you so very much for making this a special event and a wonderful day!

~David Scott, who married Nicole Villanueva in Chesterton, IN